Does TransSHIELD provide 100% EMI shielding?

Yes. The coating used in TransSHIELD™ cavities is highly conductive non-ferromagnetic material providing good electromagnetic shielding at high frequencies while enabling passage of Earth's magnetic field (good for compact design with electronic compass/Hall effect sensor) and the virtual ground plane created by interposer/carrier via arrays shields both electrical and magnetic wave components. The Faraday Cages formed within TransSHIELD™ are EMI-hermetic.

How much height does the TransSHIELD™ interposer add to the assembly skyline?

Depends on the number of layers needed for carrier I/O redistribution wiring between the shield cavity floor and interposer bottom side. Using HDI manufacturing and design rules, 6 redistribution layers can be provided within about 0.27mm (0.011").

What about testing and rework?

The assembled circuit carrier can be fully functionally tested and reworked before assembly into the TransSHIELD™ interposer and overmolding/covering.

Looks expensive.

The TransSHIELD™ interposer is a cavity package, and will cost more than a simple shield can. But-

  • line QA is simplified
  • thorough cleaning is possible
  • active modules are reworkable
  • functional testing is enabled before shielding
  • assembly is simplified (simpler BOM / no shield can handling)



For the first time, very small assemblies can be individually and completely shielded.

How about availability?

TransSiP and our U.S. based manufacturing partner are ready now to support you with co-design and fabrication services, including the following:

  • carrier layout partitioning assistance for Trans-SHIELD™ implementation
  • carrier substrate fab (both PTH and HDI)
  • carrier substrate assembly, including boundary test
  • ICP interposer design and fabrication
  • interposer-carrier assembly, test, and final packaging

Manufacturing facilities comply with the following certifications:

ISO13485, ITAR, Accredited NADCAP, MIL-PRF-55110, MIL-P-50884E, MIL-P-31032, and RoHS.