Advanced 3D Embedded SiP Architecture

The next generation of TransSiP’s JC-PFM™ DC-DC Converter will utilize the latest system-in-package technology to provide a complete DC-DC conversion solution in the industry’s smallest package. Measuring only 3.7 x 2.9mm (0.148” x 0.116”) and 1.25mm (0.050”) thick, JC-PFM™ provides smooth, transient-free standby-to-full power switching of 1.2 or 1.8V output voltage at 50 to 200mA. The SiP employs 3D architecture, embedding the PFM modulator within the substrate and thereby achieving ultra-low parasitics and highly controlled equivalent R, C, and L values.

Packages will be available in MicroLGA and MicroBGA versions, supplied in tape and reel format for auto SMT assembly.