TransSiP Announces Revolutionary JC-PFM™ DC-DC Conversion and SNJ Conditioning Chipset


Irvine, July 14, 2016 ― TransSiP, an enabler of novel More-than-Moore (MtM) technologies for semiconductor chips and system-in-package, today announced the JC-PFM™ DC-DC converter chipset: a new concept in switched-mode DC-DC power conversion. Consisting of an integrated micro DC-DC converter and Harmony™ SNJ conditioner, the JC-PFM™ chipset integrates all components necessary to provide output voltage from 1.0V~4.0V (±2.0%, 0.1V step increments) at 50/200mA with up to 93% conversion efficiency at full load and over 80% in power saving modes in two microLGA packages. Applications include spread-spectrum wireless communications (WiFi, BLE, ZigBee), GPS/GNSS navigation/positioning, as well as other standby mode functions in remote, portable, wearable, and IoT devices.

William Burr