TransSiP presents real-time functional display of JC-PFM™ technology and novel DPX® analytical methodology at APEC Long Beach


Long Beach, March 24, 2016 ― TransSiP showcased a poster and benchtop presentation in partnership with Johanson Dielectrics (JDI) at the JDI stand at the 2016 Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) in Long Beach. The benchtop featured a real-time functional presentation of the performance advantages of GPS/GNSS systems powered by TransSiP's JC-PFM™ DC-DC conversion technology. The poster highlighted TransSiP's novel adaptation of Tektronix' RSA306 spectrum analysis solution with Digital Phosphor technology (DPX®). This display technology enabled TransSiP to capture and clearly see, for the first time, very short, varying interval transient and spurious events associated with a completely unknown component in supply bias noise which compromises powered system performance- what TransSiP has termed “switching noise jitter” or “SNJ”.

William Burr