TransSiP PI



We are leading the world with exciting breakthroughs in power integrity (PI).

Our world’s first device level PI solution (Symphony chipset) enables wireless wearables and IoT devices to use less processor run-time for compute-intensive processes and results in 25%+ improvement for overall power use efficiency.

TransSiP PI Proudly Enables:

  • Matrix POWERWATCH 2 (PW2) to run entirely on Harvested Energy.

  • The GPS in PW2 to take less time for position fix and provide higher position accuracy than the industry standard.

  • Unparalleled power supply quality in a complex and compact system.

  • Shortened and secure product development cycle.


TRANSSIP PI = Premium Products

When you need power efficiency and maximum systems performance in your compact products, proven to work seamlessly in real-world situations – talk to us.




Breakthrough Insight into Power Conversion Noise

TransSiP provides an alternative to existing methods and brings advances in battery life, transceiver range, and overall system performance to remote, portable, wearable, Internet of Things (IoT), and other power constrained devices such as sensors.


TransSiP CEO Nominated ACE Innovator of the Year

The ACE nomination alongside with Vesper and Velodyne LiDAR reflects Wong’s success in identifying the detrimental switching noise jitter (SNJ) and providing a solution. By reducing SNJ, devices achieve both longer battery life and enhanced performance.


TransSiP PI Solution Nominated ECN Impact Awards

The ECN IMPACT Awards recognize the top products and services in 17 categories across the design engineering landscape. The competition seeks to honor ingenuity and creativity among companies who are making a difference in the industry around the globe.